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Our Parties

Pinkolicious offers three types of parties; Spa day, Ultimate and Create your own party these parties vary in time and the time is determined by what your girls will be doing and how many of them are in attendance. The time will be 1  to 2 hours, we as a staff cater to your needs as our parties are hands free; meaning we do everything! All you have to do is show up with your girls.

Bff and Spa Day
The Spa Day consist of a mini mani, mini pedi, mini facial, and mini massage. The birthday girl will be crowned the Pinkolicious Princess with a jeweled crown , She will  also be allowed to wear a spa robe while she is being serviced.  The spa days are not private meaning that these parties will and can have up to two other groups scheduled with your group at any given time. Your group will be assigned hostesses to cater to your group of girls only and they will rotate your group of girls through the stations, your time here can vary from 1 hour.  Once they have completed all of their services they are done and are ready to go. 




Spa Tabulous Party/ Ultimate Party/ Spa-Paint Party

These parties are private, 1-2 hours long and are  fully inclusive , As we provide everything that you will need for your party  listed in the party packages located under the pricing tab. PINKOLICIOUS DOES NOT ALLOW ANY OUTSIDE FOOD OF ANY KIND INTO THE FACILITY.  ​Theses parties include;
invitations                        pinkolicious signature cake
mini mani                          pink lemonade/ champagne flutes                       
 mini facial                        treat bags from the candy buffet
mini pedi's                        
                       and all paint supplies         
karaoke/fashion show  along with makeup is standard in all spa related packages.

Create Your Own Party
​Although we have several party packages for you to choose from we want you to feel comfortable with how you choose to spend you money. With the create your own party you are allowed to stick to your budget while doing only what you want to do while still allowing your daughter to have the Pinkolicious Spa experience, However there is a 5 girl mininum and time will be determined by what you have planned for your girls experience.
Tea Party (Seasonal)
This party is for girls 3-6 years old. Upon their arrival they will be escorted to our dressing room and allowed to dress up in their preferred costumes, then escorted to their designated stations to begin their glamour make-overs
this party is also a 2 hour party and includes the same standard items as the our other 2 hour parties listed above, however you would add tea party foods which are listed on the pricing brochures along with other goodies for the birhtday girl and her guest.​



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